How It Works

AHPA has relationships with national and regional healthcare providers providing your membership with the best value options. AHPA customizes insured health plans, self-funded, and ancillary products, including employee voluntary such as disability insurance and life.  Associated Health Plans of America works closely with association management to provide your members with diverse product offering.  

Level Funded Health Plans

Stop-Loss insurance protects the plan against individual catastrophic claims (specific stop-loss) or their total claim expenses (aggregate stop-loss) exceeding their annual budget.  Employers hire a Third Party Administrator (TPA) to process and pay the claims, provide professional customer service and manage the plan on behalf of the employer.

The Process

  • Plans allow employers to potentially save money on health insurance premiums by having their employees answer health questions and provide medical history.

  • By providing the insurance company with this information, individual-specific premiums can be calculated which is not available through the ACA plans. (Healthier People Cost Less to Insure)

  • With healthier employees, the employer can recoup up to 50% of unused claims fund at the end of the year!